A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In this high energy First Person Shooter you can't let the rival faction continue to develop its advanced weapons systems.  As a standalone single player game, you can race the clock to try and beat your best times.

  • Warning: This game may be a bit resource heavy, so a dedicated Graphics card is suggested for best performance.  Give it a shot anyway, hey it's free.

Install instructions

1. Download the .zip file

2. Extract the zip file.   Extracted files:

  • Windows Version:
  • factions.exe
    factions_Data folder
  • Mac OS  X Version:
    Factions App

3. You're done!


Factions.zip 262 MB
Factions.app.zip 271 MB

Development log


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Gameplay Brazilian



thx. Working on another.

another what



is there blood

much, in slow-mo

so yes or no?

YES OR NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

can it work for win 7 intel centrino duo 32-bit

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much - means their is much blood.  As far as a 32-bit box, not sure how well it will perform.  It wasn't built just for 64-bit so give it a try.  The graphics chipset in your laptop will probably have a difficult time.

it says it is for x64 not x86 (32-bit)

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I apologize, this was the final release of the game.  I originally built for both platforms but in the end it performed better on x64 so I removed x86 support.  Again, apologies.



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Stand over it and a hand will appear, then hit the 'interact' button (F) . This is how you plant bombs later on also.  Press F1 to see all the controlls.  I should have made that more clear.

Dev team is this going be a steam game when made ? 

btw game looks very good and plays good i like this work 

Thanks for the kind words. No plans for Steam, maybe a Linux release. I'm considering a new title.

This game plays good from what i have played from it i think looking at most crapwere thats on steam this game would stand out from all and most games on steam it has that AAA look to it in some ways and plays good :)


looks intresting can i play it on my 32bit computer?


I like it 

good job

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